Flexagon – DJ & Electronic Music Producer

Flexagon, DJ & Electronic Music Producer.

“Flexagon. Folding space and electronic music into multiple psychedelic styles”

An experienced electronica DJ covering Psy Trance, Goa Trance, Psychill, Psybient and chillout styles. Along with a few eclectic surprises usually thrown into the mix. Also known to head off into house and techno genres and tempos. All with his unique Flexagon twist!

Flexagon’s musical style is always fun, groovy and super dance-floor friendly.

Photo credit : Hanna Visuals

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Flexagon Music

Like most artists these days I have music in lots of places online. I actually have no idea where a lot of it has ended up!

But here are the places I think are easiest to play, stream, download and buy it.


Almost everything (other than DJ mixes) gets put on my Soundcloud page one way or another. Check it for regular updates. A lot of the tracks are a free download.

Here’s the Soundcloud playlist for my album Helios. It was a Creative Commons release. All tracks on this album are free. Helios is also available for free download from the Ektoplazm website. Ektoplazm is the world’s number one source for free and legal psytrance, techno, and downtempo music downloads in MP3, FLAC, and WAV format.


There are a lot of chillout music DJ mixes on my Mixcloud. Mixed in between the down-tempo stuff there’s also the odd psytrance, house music and techno mix. You’ll find a few eclectic sets and other things in between here too.

There’s a 3 hour mix in there somewhere for giving birth to. (Really!)


If you want to support me directly (and any other independent electronic music producers you like) then one of the best ways is buying their music on Bandcamp.

The service Bandcamp offers is very straight forward and transparent from the artists side. If you buy music (or merch) from independent acts and labels and they please consider using their bandcamp page. It really helps.

Most of my older tracks are available for free download on bandcamp. So get some free .mp3s!


Flexagon on Spotify

Follow me on Spotify!


A playlist of my releases available there is in web player below.

Collaborative Spotify  playlist for chillout music.

Also here’s a Spotify playlist for down-tempo psychedelic tracks. This is a collaborative playlist so you can add your own favourites. Please keep the music to Chillout, Psychill, Ambient Psybient and realated down-tempo genres. I love songs (on other playlists!) but here keep it instrumental and other worldly please.

Because this Spotify playlist is collaborative anyone can add or delete music. Be nice and let’s build a fantastic playlist. Check it out in the webplayer below.

Update 14.12.17

So far most people have been super cool about how they use the playlist. I’ve heard music and artists new to me that I’ll be checking out further. This sort of thing is exactly what groups of people that gather on the internet and Spotify are both great at doing.

Predictably though I do have to give it a clear out of unsuitable music every couple of days. Often it’s music in genres I like but doesn’t fit in at all with what this list is supposed to be about. Or it’s just really badly produced music! If this sort of thing continues then I’ll change the playlist alteration access to just me. Then maybe once a week open it to public changes. Should stop a lot of the spammy stuff.

But please do post music you think others will enjoy, have a good listen first though to see what the vibe is.

Flexagon Videos

Flexagon youtube music videos.


Flexagon Videos

Some are from my youtube channel, some aren’t!

Teaser music video for my forthcoming remix of ‘Don’t Worry Yourself’ by Buff Hudd. Full release of this expected to be end of May 2017. Buff Hudd is the solo project from the lead singer of Buffalo Huddleston.

Music download link for this track soon!

Full-on Flexagon Psytrance backing music to a UV glow in the dark rainbow hair video! Anya Goy is well know for her rainbow hair.

Buy Flexagon – ‘Are U OK?’ here

Youtube music video for Drifting (Into The Light). This song was a collaboration between Buff Hudd and myself. We managed to get this played on BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music! All video work on this was by the amazing House of Sunshine.

Buy Buff Hudd & Flexagon – ‘Drifting (Into The Light)’ here

This was a competition entry. I altered my track U.D.U. to fit this trailer for the film LFO.

It’s about a man that works out how to hypnotise his neighbours with sound.

“He starts experimenting on his neighbors, where the abuse of power takes over and, eventually, severe consequences for mankind are at stake.”

Free download of Flexagon & Grram – U.D.U. here

Youtube music video the Live@Goa youtube channel made for my track ‘The Scattered Disc”

Free download of Flexagon – ‘The Scattered Disc’ here 

About Flexagon

“Flexagon has been playing music since the mid ’90s. His early influences included ambient electronica, dubby US garage and Goa trance. The term eclectic is overused, but where Flexagon is concerned it’s accurate.

Although you can guarantee his psychedelic and Goa trance leanings will be revealed in all things he plays, he has a varied musical background so you’re in for a diverse night if an extended DJ set is on the cards.

Building up long sets is his specialty, with chill-out influences from the likes of Ott, Shpongle, The Orb and Hinkstep. But don’t be surprised when he drops the usual psybient route and mixes in music from other genres when the night suits.

Expect a very laid back eclectic ambient and chilled-out mix early on, before things switch up, building into progressive psy beats with a Goa flavour.

With an ear to setting a positive mood and turning people on to new and interesting music, Flexagon’s trademark is starting out easy with an eye to directing people straight to the floor later on – expect to dance!

Still an active member of his island home’s varied music and festival scene, the last couple of years have also seen Guernsey based Flexagon escape ‘the Rock’, playing regular long sets at London’s inSpiral lounge and Brighton’s Inertia events, other recent UK appearances have been for Noisily Festival, Triplicity, Elemental Productions and Psyberdelica.

Increasingly his DJ sets use Flexagon’s own original material. So with his prolific output you are always guaranteed to hear something new.

We suggest catching him live for the full effect.”

Thanks to Hanna Visuals for the photo.

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