The Towers

The Towers is my new public and collaborative art project. Based on inaccessible, missing and imagined towers in and around Guernsey.

More info on the whole project coming soon. For now have a small teaser with Bréhon Tower below.

Bréhon Tower

Built in 1857 Bréhon Tower sits on Bréhon rock, approximately half-way between Guernsey and Herm in the Little Russel.

I’ve made a long form ambient piece of music where I’ve given each navigation light visible from Brehon tower it’s own musical motif. Fixed lights are held notes or chords, lights with timings I’ve assigned various sounds to that to me suit the rhythm they play out. All the light timings are as accurate as I could make them based on information on nautical charts and other public domain information*. And just like the real lights, the timings all float, there’s no time signature, nothing is “on the grid” the lights aren’t synchronised to each other in any way. So the piece enters a world of ever changing polyrhythms as soon as more than one light is ‘heard’ at the same time.

The complete piece imagines what it would be like standing on top of Bréhon Tower at night, starting by looking at Herm and then slowly turning through 360 degrees. With four or five lights being ‘heard’ at any one time.

Below is an abstract representation of the lights. Interact with the circles and have fun constructing your own piece of music based on what I’ve made already. As it says in the main info text below “I’m not going to tell you what to do” – however, I do suggest only slowly triggering things to start with unless you actually want to create musical chaos, if chaos and not following rules is your thing though, good for you, just go for it!

On phones or tablets tap to activate a light/circle, on desktop machines just touching one with your mouse pointer is all that’s needed to activate. Whatever you use, please see the extra note about Bréhon Tower along with the other five beacons outlined in black, and how to stop those sounds once started.

Bréhon Tower interactive music map (at the moment there’s no sound on iPads – update to fix soon I hope)

* There seems to be a discrepancy between various sources on Epec Beacon. Whether it has a 3sec or 5sec interval. I’ll measure it myself when I get the chance, but in the meantime if anyone knows for sure, please let me know.