Flexagon Music

Here are the places I think are easiest to play, stream or download my music.

Please also check out my full discography page here. For EVERYTHING!


If you want to support me directly (and any other independent musical artists you like) then one of the best ways is Bandcamp.

The service Bandcamp offers is very straight forward and transparent from the artist’s side. If you want to buy/stream music or buy merch from independent acts and labels then please consider using their Bandcamp page. It really helps.

Most of my tracks are available for free (or pay what you like) download on Bandcamp. Head over to my page there and explore the archive.


There are a lot of chillout music DJ mixes on my Mixcloud. Mixed in between the downtempo stuff there’s also the odd psytrance, house and techno mix. You’ll find a few eclectic sets and other things in between music genres on my Mixcloud too.

There’s a 3 hour mix in there somewhere for giving birth to. (Really!)


Almost everything (other than DJ mixes) gets put on my Soundcloud page one way or another. Check it for regular updates. A lot of the older tracks link back to my Bandcamp for a free download.

… and of course there’s Spotify too.