I’ve been lucky enough to remix a really talented bunch of artists. Mostly they just leave me to get on with twisting the original music into something new. When I work like this I have no idea where the remixes end up. The result is usually something slightly left-field. Slightly odd even, but brand new.

Who cares about genres these days?

Flexagon Novation Synth

Every now and then a remix has to stay within a certain style or tempo to suit an act or their label. That’s fine too.

I’m always keen to hear from artists that want their work torn apart and re-imagined.

Want me to remix your track?

Get in touch.


Flexagon Remixes


Mahanada – Back to Nature


Tantale – The Question


Sephira – Lost Vegas

Progressive Psytrance



Mochipet – Psilocybin Samurai

Psychedelic Breaks

Buffalo Huddleston – Waiting For The Right Song


Numatik – Gaia Unfolding

Psychill/ Ethno Chill