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Flexagon discography. The Towers I: Inaccessible

The new album

The Towers I: Inaccessible

Out now, available from all major streaming/download sites

“Towers I: Inaccessible, an atmospheric exploration of Guernsey inspired by a series of towers that stand just out of reach. Field recordings, cello, cor anglais, spoken word and ambient electronica come together on this journey around Flexagon’s island home.”

Flexagon discography. Helios album cover.
Helios – 2015

Downtempo Electronica – Psybient – Trance
Flexagon discography. 7 Nocturnes East album cover.
7 Nocturnes East – 2020

Ambient – Found Sound – Neoclassical

Singles and Remixes

Flexagon and Lihou - Un Vert Bocage cover
Flexagon and Lihou – Un Vert Bocage
2023 – Traditional/Ambient
Flexagon discography. PALAOA Dreams single artwork
2023 – Ambient/Found Sound
Flexagon discography. Fort Saumarez: MP2 single artwork.
Fort Saumarez: MP2
2022 – Ambient/Found Sound
Flexagon discography. Le Mont Saint Windmill Single artwork
Le Mont Saint Windmill
2023 – Electronica/Psybient
Flexagon discography. Exploration I single artwork.
Exploration I
2021 – Ambient/Found Sound
Flexagon discography. La Maïr single artwork.
La Maïr (With Mike Meinke)
2021 – Ambient/Progressive Trance
Flexagon. Forms In Space single artwork.
Forms In Space
2021 – Experimental/Breaks
Flexagon. Mont Crevelt 4am single artwork.
Mont Crevelt 4am
2019 – Ambient/Found Sound

Flexagon. Belle Greve 2am sngle artwork.
Belle Greve 2am
2019 – Ambient/Found Sound

Flexagon. The Gift single artwork.
The Gift
2019 – Psybient
Flexagon. Strands single artwork.
2018 – Psybient
Flexagon. Pause single artwork.
2017 – Electronica
Flexagon. Slider single artwork.
2017 – Electronica/ Psybient
Flexagon. Back To Nature single artwork.
Back to Nature (Flexagon Remix)
2016 – Psytrance/ Remix
Flexagon. The Real World.
The Real World
2016 – Electronica
Flexagon discography. Storm Over Gaios single artwork.
Storm Over Gaios
2021 – Ambient/Found Sound
Flexagon. Orgone SVH single artwork.
Citizen X – Orgone SVH (Flexagon Rework)
2020 – Ambient
Flexagon. Glassworks: I Opening single artwork.
Flexagon – Opening (Philip Glass)
2019 – Ambient/Minimal

Flexagon. Spiegel Im Spiegel single artwork.
Flexagon – Spiegel im Spiegel (Arvo Pärt)
2019 – Ambient/Minimal

Flexagon. Bordeaux 7am  single artwork.
Bordeaux 7am
2018 – Ambient
Flexagon. Numbers single artwork.
2017 – Electronica/ Numbers Stations
Flexagon. Rising Slowly single artwork.
Continuum – Rising Slowly (Flexagon Remix)
2017 – Psybient
Flexagon. Are You OK? single artwork.
Are U OK?
2017 – Psytrance
Flexagon. Drifting Into The Light single artwork.
Drifting into the light
2016 – Electronic/ Acoustic/ Folk
Flexagon. I Get You single artwork.
I Get You / Inside Space
2014 – Electronica
THIS MORN' OMINA - Garuda Vimana
(FLEXAGON's Psytrance Remix) artwork.
THIS MORN’ OMINA – Garuda Vimana
(FLEXAGON’s Psytrance Remix)

2014 – Psytrance/ Remix