Flexagon discography

List of music I’ve released, how it was done and where you can listen and buy it.

Music released

Flexagon – The Gift

Self Released Single – 2018

Genre: Psybient

Flexagon – Bordeaux 7am

Self Released Single – 2018

Genre: Ambient

Flexagon – Strands (Feat. Yoshi)

Self Released Single – 2018

Genre: Psychill/ Psybient/ World Music

Flexagon – Numbers

Self Released Single – 2017

Genre: Electronica/ Numbers Stations

Flexagon – Pause

Self Released Single – 2017

Genre: Electronica

Ray Marshall – Norwood (Flexagon Remix)

Label: Keep On Techno – 8.6.17

Genre: Psytrance/ Remix

Continuum – Rising Slowly (Flexagon Remix)

Label: Dubmission – 5.5.17

Genre: Psybient/ Remix

Flexagon – Dawn

(Track on Similar Minds Compilation Album)

Compiled by Sephira

Label: BMSS Records – 2017

Genre: Psybient/ Progressive Psytrance

Flexagon – Slider

Self Released Single – 2017

Genre: Electronica/ Psybient

Flexagon – Are U OK?

Self Released Single – 2017

Genre :Psytrance/ Goa-trance

Mahanada – Back To Nature (Flexagon Remix)

Label: Euroforix Records – 2016

Genre: Psytrance/ Remix

Buff Hudd & Flexagon – Drifting (Into The Light)

Self Released Single – 2016

Genre: Electronic/ Acoustic/ Folk

Flexagon – The Real World 

(Track on Diversity In The Isles Compilation album)

Compiled by Liquid Lounge

Label: Diversity In The Isles – 2016

Genre: Psychill/ Psybient

Flexagon – Helios

Self released album – 2015

Genre: Psychill/ Psybient/ Deep Trance/ Progressive Trance

Flexagon – Inside Space / I, Get You

Label: Meta Junction Recordings – Single – 2014

Genre: Electronica

This Morn’ Omina – Garuda Vimana (Flexagon’s Psytrance Remix) 

(Track on Resistanz Festival compilation album)

Label: Digital World Audio – 2014

Genre: Psytrance/ Remix